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The philosophy

Our philosophy embodies the
fundamental elements for a sustainable viticulture and an enology respectful of the territory.

Our decalogue is a starting point not an arrival point and it is the result of reflection; it is based on fundamental elements for sustainable viticulture and an enology that respects the territory.
Sociality and rurality, in our territory of Caltagirone, are feelings that have historically always characterized the life and work of the countryside; this is why today more than yesterday, for us making wine means expressing our values starting from respect for the land and people, through a strictly organic and quality production.

The Decalogue of
Claudia and Andrea, the philosophy of Valle delle Ferle

– We do not use sophisticated transformation techniques; we produce our wines simply by taking care of our vineyards following the rhythm of nature.

– The grapes come exclusively from our estate, conducted according to the most modern organic farming techniques. In the vineyard we carry out mechanical weeding, manual processing on the row, we use natural rafia, limiting plastic as much as possible. Our harvest is exclusively manual.

– Maximum respect for grapes and must, in the production processes we use the most modern technologies and maximum hygiene, that allow us to obtain healthy products to protect our consumers.

– All our wines contain less than 100 mg / l of total sulfur, well below the quantity allowed in the Italian regulation of conventional wines.

– Our products are organic and certified by an authorized control body (Valoreitalia).

– For the packaging of the products we use glass bottles of medium weight, in order to avoid unnecessary use of glass, for the communication material we use ecological paper and our labels are FSC® certified.

– The cellar was built according to modern eco-friendly architectural techniques that allow for the maximum reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment (external elevation with “thermal coat”, photovoltaic, solar thermal).

– The best way to present our wines is to let you taste them, for this reason it is a pleasure to welcome you to our vineyards and cellar, to listen to you and talk to you.

– Our wines are always an expression of the territory to which they belong.