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Monti Iblei DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calatino sub-area

It is said that Sicily have been the gateway to the olive tree in Europe. In fact, Sicilian olive growing boasts a millenary tradition, which dates back to the times of Magna Graecia.

Among the many varieties of olive, the Tonda Iblea can be considered the Sicilian cultivar which, placed on the edge of citrus groves, almond groves or vineyards, constitutes one of the typical landscapes of the Iblean countryside. This is precisely the landscape offered by the lands of Tenuta Valle delle Ferle: an avenue surrounded by olive trees is the entrance to the vineyards, at the edge of which there are scattered centuries-old olive trees

About 500 plants of Tonda Iblea (which the farmers of Caltagirone call “Prunara”), whose care is scrupulously followed only with organic cultivation practices, from which a fragrant extra virgin olive oil is obtained, with a slight spicy hint that, combined with typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition or even with a simple piece of bread, it gives the palate unique sensations.